Nantucket Weekly Pool Care

Twice a week:

  1. We test the water to check and maintain your pools water balance. We want to keep your pH levels where they belong
  2. We test and maintain the free available chlorine level.
  3. We empty the skimmer basket and skim leaves, insects and other floating debris from the pool surface.
  4. We brush the walls and use a pool vacuum to clean the floors. For larger pools we consider the purchase of an automatic pool cleaner for the daily “hands-free” cleaning of your pool.

Once a week:

  1. We clean the tiles at water line with tile cleaner if it is needed.
  2. We shock the pool by adding the number of products needed. Additional shock may be needed after a rainstorm, heavy bather load, or exceptionally hot weather.
  3. We add a maintenance dose of an algae preventer to prevent algae growth. Clarifiers and metal control products should be used on a regular basis. The addition of these products will cause your pool to run more efficiently.


  1. We take water samples to do a professional Water Screening for a complete pool water analysis.

As Needed:

  1. Twice a year if not more, we clean your filter with a filter cleaner to remove any oils and grease that may have accumulated on your filter. The more use your pool gets the more often we clean the filters.
  2. After heavy amounts of rain, we always test your pool water.


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